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A pretty March day here in Bell County turned ugly in the blink of an eye. As many people were getting ready for a sunny weekend, Friday afternoon changed many peoples plans as they were pelted with hail. Many homeowners came home to broken windows, trees that lost foliage due to the brutal hail, and roofs completely torn up. Peerless Enterprises knows that damage to your home is a stressful experience. Also, Peerless knows that many people come into town to take advantage of your situation. We understand that since many people are in a state of desperation or inexperienced in dealing with disaster, people make quick decisions that could lead to years of regret. Choosing a contractor to work on your home is a very important decision. Many storm chasers might have great sales ability but have little or no knowledge in roofing. These people are more abundant than many homeowners realize. Since they are not familiar with the area, many of these storm chasers quickly deceive the public as if they are locals to blend or assimilate with the locals. This includes changing their phone numbers to the local area code so they are no longer out-of-towners. They promise to eat deductibles, give homeowners money back, to buy business which is often considered insurance fraud. Also, the homeowners believe that if the contractor eats the deductible, they are winning. What the homeowners do not realize is that the contractor has to make a profit somehow. They often eat the deductible and cut corners on the roof to still make their profit. Peerless has the best warranties in the industry. We value the business of our neighbors and plan to be here after the storm and many years to come. Choose local and make the Right Decision. We look forward to earning your business.


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